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Legends of the Curse of the Pyramids. Many terrible legends are associated with the Egyptian pyramids, the main essence of which is that anyone who encroaches on the treasures of the pharaohs will die in terrible agony. The most terrible curse is attributed to the tomb of the innocent young Tutankhamun: they say, after it was opened in 1922 by the team of Lord George Carnarvon, for 8 years all its main members (as well as many of those who touched the mummy of the pharaoh or objects from his tomb) died under various mysterious circumstances.
But if you take a closer look at the facts, then no sensation will come of it: firstly, the age of many “suddenly deceased” people was, at that time, quite respectable; secondly, the climate of Egypt is not very favorable for the inhabitants of Europe; not too conducive to longevity and the political events then taking place in North Africa.
If it comes to that, Egypt in general should have been depopulated a long time ago, since the ancient tomb and sanctuaries here have long been not robbed only by the lazy. In fact, a good half of Cairo is built from stone mined from those very pyramids
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