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The builders of the pyramids used the "principle of leverage" and the number "Pi". According to one of the quite common "sensational" theories, the ancient pyramid builders had our modern mathematical knowledge - they skillfully applied the "principle of leverage" and calculated the number "Pi" with an accuracy of one hundred thousandth. Allegedly, not only were they aware that the use of a lever allows several times to reduce the efforts applied to lift and move weights, but also the ratio of the height and perimeter of the base of each pyramid turns out to be exactly equal to the ratio of the diameter of the circle described around the pyramid to its the same length (and all because the walls of the pyramids rise at an angle of exactly 52 degrees).
Hmm ... Actually, in any Soviet school, children knew that if you measure the circumference of a spherical object with a thread, as well as its diameter, then the ratio will be just a little more than 3 (that is, the most notorious number "Pi"). Just as the number "Pi" gives the perimeter of the base, divided by twice the height of any object in the form of a pyramid. Well, where is the sensation?
The pyramids were not built by slaves. NEXT: The pyramids were not built by slaves.
The builders of the pyramids knew astronomy very well. PREV: The builders of the pyramids knew astronomy very well.
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