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 With the sword. With the sword. Misconception: Islam was spread by force.
The idea that fanatical Muslims swept across the world converting people to Islam by force is one of the most absurd in history. There is no mention of Islam being forced to be accepted. If you look at the small number of Muslims who originally spread Islam westward, from Spain and Morocco eastward, from India and China, one would understand that such a small group of people could not force others to adopt a religion against their will. It is also interesting...
 Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism. Misconception: Muslims are terrorists.
This is by far the biggest misconception about Islam, a stereotype that the media has been imposing. Note that when a certain group of people attacks another, it is called a "hate crime", but when a Muslim shoots someone, it is immediately regarded as "terrorism". Many political dictators and officials, as well as extremist groups, use Islam to gather followers and attract attention, while their methods go against the true tenets of Islam. The media also...
 Money in Mexico Money in Mexico not paper, they are made from a special polymer
 The Caribbean coast of Mexico is strewn with white The Caribbean coast of Mexico is strewn with white sand, blue water and beckons. The beaches of Cancun and Tulum are among the ten best places of this level around the world. This is the true mark of perfection.
 Mexico City is popular with huge Mexico City is popular with huge the number of museums. This is a real paradise for tourists who love to learn new information.
 Most roads in Mexico on weekends Most roads in Mexico on weekends overlap to allow residents to cycle freely. By the way, this type of transport is rented absolutely free.
 There are about 50 species of hummingbirds in Mexico. There are about 50 species of hummingbirds in Mexico. Nature lovers are allowed to endlessly walk through protected areas and organized parks, where tropical plants grow and exotic birds, as well as small animals live.
 In souvenir shops in Mexico In souvenir shops in Mexico skeletons and skulls for sale
 In Mexico you can get real euphoria In Mexico you can get real euphoria from national dishes by tasting rare delicacies - grasshoppers in garlic sauce, pickled cacti or crispy ant eggs
 In early November in Mexico, tourists can In early November in Mexico, tourists can see how the locals celebrate the Day of the Dead. This holiday is accompanied by special events and decoration of cemeteries and houses.
 Mexico is considered the birthplace of chocolate. Mexico is considered the birthplace of chocolate. Local shops and specialized confectioneries sell amazing sweets that are very different from those on the shelves in Russia
 Mexico has 26 fixed locations Mexico has 26 fixed locations UNESCO as part of world heritage. Just because of these monuments, you should visit the country
 Beaches for every taste. Beaches for every taste. It's hard to believe, but there are 10,685 beaches in Australia, and about 800 more are located on thirty uninhabited islands around the mainland. This means that one person can visit a new beach every day for thirty years!
Moreover, 90 percent of the inhabitants of this wonderful country live 50 meters from the ocean. In short, for those who love sand, water and sun, Australia is a true paradise! In many cities there are so-called themed beaches: for Europeans, surfers, wild, nudist, family, quiet bays without waves and places for windsurfing
 The birthplace of wireless internet. The birthplace of wireless internet. Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi are concepts that have firmly entered our lives. We use wireless Internet every day and have already forgotten that this was not always the case. The story began back in 1940, when the Internet had not even been heard of.
At that time, the team, which included the scandalous actress Hedy Lamarr, musician George Antheil and other creative personalities, were trying to make 16 musical instruments play at the same time. So, quite by accident, a company in which there were...
 Dangerous snakes. Dangerous snakes. Australia is home to the top ten most dangerous snakes in the world. In total, about 2,400 species of reptiles can be found on the territory of the country. Moreover, the meeting can take place anywhere - both on a secluded beach and in a store in the city center. It is also worth noting that there are significantly more venomous snakes in Australia than non-venomous ones. Approximately 3,000 people are bitten by snakes every year.
 Too many spiders. Too many spiders. Spiders occupy far from the last place among the creatures of the country. It is common for Australians to wake up, open their eyes and see a big furry monster on the ceiling.
Spiders in houses and basements are not uncommon in Australia, and the degree of danger to a guest does not always depend on their size. However, despite all these horror stories and the abundance of insects inhabiting the mainland, the country's hospitals are always ready to provide first aid to the victim, and the last death occurred in 1981
 Underground city. Underground city. Coober Pedy is a small mining town in the desert where people live underground. The town was founded in 1915 when it was discovered that the hot desert is a deposit of opals. Miners searching quickly realized that it was easier to build a house underground than to try to cool the structure, which would be exposed to the merciless Australian sun from morning to night.
It is worth noting that modern miner's houses are very cozy and quite suitable for a comfortable life. A typical "dugout" consists...
 Star of Sydney Bay. Star of Sydney Bay. For twenty-seven years in a row, Sydney residents and tourists have been watching the only albino humpback whale known to science. It is not surprising that such a unique creature appeared just off the coast of an equally unique continent. For the first time, he was seen in 1991 and immediately dubbed the name Migalu, which in the language of the aborigines meant "white man". During this time, the snow-white whale fell into the lenses of cameras more than once and became a real favorite of the public.
 Kangaroo VS People. Kangaroo VS People. It's funny, but the number of kangaroos in Australia is twice the population. According to the census, there are 24 million people and 57 million kangaroos in the country. In winter, when the nights become as cold as possible, marsupials suffer from an acute shortage of food and go out to seek food in cities. There are tons of videos on social media of kangaroos seen in playgrounds, backyards, and just walking around downtown.
 Gambling. Gambling. Australians are very gambling. On the mainland, there are 20 percent of all slot machines in the world, and this, for a moment, is about 30,000. As for large casinos, there are 18 of them in the country, and each can compete with the best establishments in Las Vegas. As for the population, 80 percent of the residents are regulars at traditional and online casinos.
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