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 In general, every 39 minutes In general, every 39 minutes a new porn movie is born in the USA
 About 20% of Americans admitted that About 20% of Americans admitted that watching porn at work. 70% of all porn traffic on the Internet occurs just the same on weekdays (from 9 to 17:00)
 While watching porn, men pay While watching porn, men pay special attention to the expression of the woman's face. Yes, yes, not the ass, not the legs, and not even the chest
 In 88.2% of the top porn scenes In 88.2% of the top porn scenes lines of popularity, there are aggressive scenes in which the main "atrocities" are committed by men
 There are erroneous rumors that Australia There are erroneous rumors that Australia has banned porn featuring women with breast size one or less. In fact, there is no specific rule prohibiting models with small breasts from participating in porn. However, there is a problem with the classification of porn with actors who do not look “adult” enough - scenes with such actors can be considered illegal, because. actors can be mistaken for minors
 Internet porn is more popular in the UK Internet porn is more popular in the UK among users than traffic related to social networks, shopping, games, finance or travel
 Several recent studies have shown that Several recent studies have shown that teenagers from all over the world use porn to learn more about sex
 Women Women watch less porn than men
 About 10% of adults About 10% of adults of respondents admitted that they have an online porn addiction
 Barry Marshall. Barry Marshall. To prove that bacteria are the cause of stomach ulcers, Barry Marshall drank a broth teeming with infectious bacteria, developed an ulcer, and then treated himself with antibiotics. He received the Nobel Prize in 2005
 The light of an angel. The light of an angel. During the American Civil War, the wounds of some soldiers... glowed. Curiously, the soldiers whose wounds glowed were more likely to survive, and so the glow was called "Angel Light". It is now known that the luminescence was due to bacteria that produce antibiotics and that live in nematodes.
 Chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea. The most effective treatment for pseudomembranous colitis (a bowel disease that causes chronic diarrhea) is a fecal transplant, in which the patient is given feces from a healthy donor (thus introducing healthy bacteria into their digestive tract). This treatment is 94% effective, compared to 30% with antibiotics.
 Natural bacteria. Natural bacteria. Researchers have found natural bacteria in the human gut that inhibit the development of food allergies. The number of these beneficial bacteria in the gut decreased with frequent use of antibiotics at a young age, causing children to be more susceptible to food allergies later in life.
 Counterfeit. Counterfeit. More than 30% of pharmaceuticals sold in developing countries are counterfeit. Approximately 50% of malaria drugs and up to 30% of antibiotics are counterfeit counterfeit (manufactured mainly from India). More than 700,000 people die every year from the use of counterfeit medicines.
 Moldy bread. Moldy bread. The ancient Egyptians used moldy bread to treat infected burn wounds. Perhaps they were already using the antibiotic effects accidentally discovered by Alexander Fleming at that time.
 Frogs. Frogs. Before refrigeration, people threw frogs into milk to keep it fresh. The study of this phenomenon led to the discovery of new antibiotic substances.
 Toxicity of penicillin. Toxicity of penicillin. Early tests for penicillin toxicity were performed on live mice. If the tests were carried out on other animals that are used today (guinea pigs), then antibiotics simply would not exist today. Penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs
 Alexander Fleming. Alexander Fleming. Alexander Fleming predicted an increase in antibiotic resistance. He did this in his speech at the Nobel Prize in 1945.
 Cockroaches. Cockroaches. Cockroach brains have some serious antibiotics, strong enough to kill bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics. Moreover, they kill bacteria that are immune to drugs used to treat people.
 Teixobactin. Teixobactin. In 2015, the first new antibiotic (Teixobactin) was discovered in about 30 years. This discovery could pave the way for a new generation of antibiotics. It was discovered using an electronic chip to grow microbes from soil and then isolate their antibiotic chemical compounds.
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