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 The builders of the pyramids knew astronomy very well. The builders of the pyramids knew astronomy very well. In the 1980s, the Belgian engineer and amateur Egyptologist Robert Beauval decided that, supposedly, the three largest pyramids of Giza are located exactly in accordance with the three bright stars in the "belt" of the constellation Orion (and even the sizes of the pyramids coincide in relation to the sizes of these stars ). And it is quite possible that somewhere under the sands other pyramids are "hiding", which are the rest of the stars of Orion on the earth's projection (most likely, badly destroyed)....
 The builders of the pyramids used the The builders of the pyramids used the "principle of leverage" and the number "Pi". According to one of the quite common "sensational" theories, the ancient pyramid builders had our modern mathematical knowledge - they skillfully applied the "principle of leverage" and calculated the number "Pi" with an accuracy of one hundred thousandth. Allegedly, not only were they aware that the use of a lever allows several times to reduce the efforts applied to lift and move weights, but also the ratio of the height and perimeter of the base of each pyramid turns out to be exactly equal to...
 The pyramids were not built by slaves. The pyramids were not built by slaves. For a long time it was believed that the pyramids were built by hundreds of thousands of slaves, who were hardly fed, beaten with whips and, of course, buried in large numbers somewhere nearby. But no mass graves have been found so far. But archaeologists have found several settlements of builders, where there were hostels, canteens, bakeries, and even breweries.
The conclusion suggests itself - the pyramids were built by free people, who, perhaps, even received payment for this (perhaps in the...
 Legends of the Curse of the Pyramids. Legends of the Curse of the Pyramids. Many terrible legends are associated with the Egyptian pyramids, the main essence of which is that anyone who encroaches on the treasures of the pharaohs will die in terrible agony. The most terrible curse is attributed to the tomb of the innocent young Tutankhamun: they say, after it was opened in 1922 by the team of Lord George Carnarvon, for 8 years all its main members (as well as many of those who touched the mummy of the pharaoh or objects from his tomb) died under various mysterious circumstances.
 Coffee. Coffee. Fact: The most expensive coffee in the world is made from civet feces.
Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee that is known for its specific processing method. Coffee fruits are eaten by civets (small animals similar to ferrets), the pulp is digested, and the grains are excreted along with excrement. The partially digested grains are then harvested, washed and dried. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, selling for between $120 and $600 per pound. It is very popular in Japan and the United States. The question arises: who and how the hell discovered that it was delicious?
 Camel. Camel. Fact: Fried camel is the largest cooked whole dish in the world.
This dish is traditionally prepared for Bedouin weddings. It is a gutted camel stuffed with a sheep carcass, a sheep stuffed with chicken stuffed with fish, and a fish with an egg.
 Impurities. Impurities. Fact: The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allows the consumption of unacceptable impurities in foods.
The FDA allows, for example, an average of 30% insect infestation and 1% rodent hair per 100g of peanut butter.
 Soup. Soup. Fact: The first soup was made from a hippopotamus.
The earliest recorded eating of soup dates back to 6000 BC. e., and it was hippopotamus soup
 Refried beans. Refried beans. Fact: They are brought to a state of readiness at a time.
The reason for the incorrect preparation of this traditional mass Mexican dish is a translation error. The original name Frijoles refritos actually means "well roasted beans", not refried.
 Worcester sauce. Worcester sauce. Fact: Worcestershire sauce is made from diluted fish.
Worcestershire sauce is a popular English sauce made from anchovies completely dissolved in vinegar (along with the bones and innards). It is an essential component of Caesar salad and Bloody Mary cocktail.
 Fruit ice. Fruit ice. Fact: It was invented by an 11-year-old boy who kept the recipe a secret for 18 years.
Frank Epperson accidentally left a mixture of powdered soft drink flavor and water on his porch in 1905, with a stirring stick left in it. That night the temperature in San Francisco dropped below zero. When he woke up the next morning, he found the drink frozen. After that, he tried to freeze the juice with a stick inside the mold. 18 years later, Frank patented his invention called Popsicle.
 Microwaves. Microwaves. Fact: Microwaves were discovered by accident when chocolate melted instantly in Percy Spencer's pocket.
American engineer Percy Spencer first noticed the ability of high-frequency radiation to heat food, so he patented the microwave oven. At the time of the invention, Percy was working for Raytheon, a company that made radar equipment. According to legend, when Spencer was experimenting with the magnetron, he noticed that a piece of chocolate in his pocket had melted.
 Peanuts. Peanuts. Fact: Dynamite is made from peanuts.
Peanut butter can be used to make glycerin, which can be converted to nitroglycerin, one of the components of dynamite.
 Coconut water. Coconut water. Fact: Coconut water can be used in emergency situations as a replacement for blood plasma.
Coconut water (the water found in coconuts - not to be confused with coconut milk, which is made from the flesh of a coconut) is sterile and has an ideal pH level. It is completely similar in composition to the endosperm fluid that surrounds the embryo and provides it with nutrition.
 Time to celebrate the New Year among different peoples Time to celebrate the New Year among different peoples is very different. So in ancient Babylon, the holiday fell in the spring. And during the holidays, the city was left by the king with all his retinue, and the townspeople had the opportunity to freely walk and have fun
 In Micronesia, New Year's Eve In Micronesia, New Year's Eve traditionally - January 1. But on this day, all the inhabitants of the islands receive new names and whisper them to their closest ones. And trusted relatives at the same time beat the drums with terrible force so that their evil spirits do not overhear
 In Italy it is customary on New Year's Eve In Italy it is customary on New Year's Eve get rid of old things that are thrown right out of the windows. Moreover, the more things are thrown away, the more wealth and good luck the new year will bring.
 In Russia, the New Year was celebrated In Russia, the New Year was celebrated March 1 - in the X - XV centuries, September 1 - from 1348 after the Cathedral in Moscow, and from 1699, by decree of Peter I, was postponed to January 1. As a result, by now the New Year has become a dense mixture of ancient Slavic, Christian, Western European and Eastern traditions.
 The tradition of the Christmas log was brought The tradition of the Christmas log was brought Vikings to England. They sawed down a big tree for Christmas, which was aged and dried all year. And the next Christmas, this tree was brought into the house and placed in the hearth. If the tree burned for a long time and burned out completely, then good luck awaited the house, but if it faded without burning down to ashes, expect trouble
 Live Christmas trees are one of the Christian traditions Live Christmas trees are one of the Christian traditions Christmas and New Year holidays. But it turns out that they can carry not only joy and the spirit of the holiday. Scientists have found that fungi are present on spruce trees, which easily multiply in warm home conditions and release a huge amount of spores. The spores in turn cause coughing, shortness of breath, insomnia, lethargy, even bronchitis and pneumonia. To protect yourself, you need to either wash and dry the spruce before bringing it into the house, or use an artificial tree
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